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Our pop-up top customized minivans bring the safari to you

Looking around Kenya – at its roads and parks – you’ll see dependable minivans on safari, taking visitors up close to the wildlife they’ve only seen in pictures.

Throughout East Africa and especially Kenya, the safari minivan has long been the vehicle of choice for wildlife adventures. With its distinctive pop-up top offering broad views to excited visitors, the safari minivan has long executed in-game drives despite being a 2WD.

At Incredible Kenya Adventures, all our alternative Safari tour minivans are specially customized for the challenges of the safari experience, ensuring your journey will be safe, reliable and comfortable.

At the start of your tour, your designated driver/guide will pick you up in your city hotel.

Your private minivan will be stocked with bottled water and other gifts. Whether on a 1-day or several days Safari your minivan will be like your moving home – in a safe, familiar harbour in the vast sea of the Kenyan plain.

Why Jeep Safari?

  • The Jeep’s 4 x 4 all-wheel drive and higher platform will get you through the toughest terrain, up hills, crossing streams and over rough bush.
  • The higher seating in a Jeep creates better visibility to view and photograph wildlife
  • Jeeps go where other vehicles wouldn`t since they are built for tough terrain (4WDs)
  • The Jeep’s special suspension offers a more comfortable ride on rough ground.
  • The Jeep is built for the demands of a safari adventure – more doors for easy access, 2 fuel tanks  and two spare tires
  • More roomy and stable than a minivan
  • The Jeep’s pop up top ensures an unobstructed view
  • You’ll be journeying to and traversing the African landscape in the ultimate safari vehicle as adventurers have for over 70 years.

The Jeep Vs Mini Van

Traditionally, the “4 x 4 Jeep” type of vehicle has been associated with the adventure of safari. And many travellers recommend it for the most “authentic” wildlife experience. Plenty of movies and television programs will attest to the romance of the Jeep.

The Jeep stands taller for slightly better viewing and no one can deny the rugged appearance of this original 4-wheel drive vehicle.

But… the minivan has made its mark as a practical and many say, sufficient safari vehicle.

And when it comes to value, the minivan clearly has the ‘Dollar’ advantage.

For those on a tighter budget, the minivan provides much the same safari experience but at a lower cost. The zebra, giraffe and hyena that you’ll come upon don’t care if you visit them in a Jeep or a minivan, but you’ll enjoy the same safari for a lower rate in one of our customized vans.

For shorter safari tours of 1 to 3 days, the minivan may just be the perfect way to go.

“…….And the winner is? You have your facts at hand for you to decide.

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