Air Safaris air is arguably one of the best ways to see East Africa as you fly over the ever-changing landscape and terrains, spotting wildlife from above and soaring through the air like on of the hundreds of species of bird that lives here in Kenya! As part of the package with an air safari, you will be escorted to different areas of Africa by plane so that you can go further in a shorter amount of time. Why not have a look at our great range below and see if you can find your perfect package?

Africa is a visual feast. And not only from the ground. Air Safaris, by soaring over Kenya’s landscape on a scenic flight safari you’ll enjoy rich panoramas. Bursts of colour bloom from verdant forests and golden savannahs below. Then up ahead, a flash of white from the towering snow-capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Buckle up and join us as we soar over Africa.

Our flight or air safaris are a special kind of adventure for those who want to experience the most majestic views Kenya’s national parks can offer. And if your safari holiday is only a few days in length, or you prefer a flight rather than a driving safari, flight is the perfect solution for getting the most game viewing on a limited schedule.

In far less time than it would take to drive overland from Nairobi, you could be enjoying a quick flight with dazzling vistas of the landscape below. In no time you’ll arrive at your destination at the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, Ol Pejeta or Tsavo Parks.

Incredible Kenya adventures offers flight safaris starting from and returning to Nairobi for your convenience. Staying at Mombasa or one of the coastal resorts? We offer a round trip flight safari to the Masai Mara from there as well!

Choose your your flight or even choose a customized tour. At Incredible Kenya Adventures we are all about choice to create the perfect safari experience.

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