Incredible Kenya Adventures organizes high school trips with guided walking adventures in Kenya’s northern lakes away from mass tourism. Relaxed hikes, hot springs, thousands of flamingos, unique Njemp’s culture, over 400 birds species plus of course wildlife viewing are the hallmark of this students travel program to Africa.

As with all Incredible Kenya Adventures`s educational travel services, we have genuine options to the standard vehicle confined high school trips. We offer your the exact things we look for when designing our personal travels through Kenya: activities in private game reserves and small parks where you can see game without being surrounded by minibuses, interaction with local people and great wildlife viewing. Backed up by our renowned ground logistics, your Kenya school trip will be fun and enriching to your students. Consider we can customize the high school trip to suit your school travel days.

The recent tour had 3 days in the Baringo/Bogoria area and 3 days in the Naivasha area. Masai Mara, the Africa that everyone dreams of, takes the last 3 days of the tour with elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, topis and hippos all calling for our attention. A walk guided by Masai Morans made it a perfect student group tour in all senses. Approach us today, we know how School Trips are sensitive, we will customize accordingly together.

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